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Welcome to Education Empowers Inc.

Education Empowers Inc. mission is to welcome, engage, educate, and inspire youth and empower our diverse communities through education programs.  We focus on STEAM career exploration programs, Robotics, Drones, AI, Coding, 3D printing, CAD, Soldering, and Sustainability education programs, to instill passion for learning & discovery, confidence to enable scholarship and STEAM career opportunities.

Thanks to our Program sponsors

Many thanks to our generous sponsors and partners : Intel volunteers, Intel foundation, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), IEEE, ASME, Million Girls Moonshot, AVNET, Mayo Clinic, ASM, Boeing, Northrop, NASA, AZStRUT, NXP, Footprint, Medtronic, Microsoft, ZELLE, BLUE ORIGIN, SVB, American Airlines, AMEX, Honeywell, On-Semi, Go Daddy, Abbott Labs, Amazon, Arizona State University, GM, Keystone, Toyota, Schwab Charitable, YWCA, SRP, and to many generous sponsors like you! Thank you!

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Education Empowers Inc.

Robotics, Drones, & Make-a-thons for All Students

Education Empowers Inc.

STEM-Ambassadors Program & SWEnext Program

Education Empowers award winning All-Girls Robotics team

STEAM Programs For Girls & Girl Scouts

Education Empowers Inc.

STEM Professionals Journey Sharing Program

Education Empowers Inc.

Hands-on STEAM EXPO at community events & USA Science Festivals!

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Robotics, Drones, CAD, 3D print, & Coding for Native Indian Youth

Education Empowers Inc.
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Our Programs

Every Friday and Saturday, you will find kids huddled together, working on a robot, drone, or an Arduino/Raspi board, at the Boys & Girls Clubs, local Title 1 school, or the Valley YMCAs. These kids are part of our after-school STEM clubs, who meet after school to learn STEM skill sets and engineering problem-solving skills. We bring robotics programs, virtual coding self-driving cars, drones, Arduino, Raspi activities for 3rd -12th graders. Our programs are in 50+ locations currently. Please check out the Virtual Programs page for more info or email us.

Education Empowers Inc.

Our Testimonials

" This virtual event a tremendous success and we are looking forward to do many more of these in the future with all of you. "

- Betsy Thurston, Development Director, Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital, Washington, DC.

" The event inspired my students to get more involved with coding. We had just finished writing a story about global problems, inspired by Cisco's GPS. Several of my students are in the robotics team, but they don't have much experience with coding. Seeing the connection between coding and global problem solving was eye-opening and inspirational for them. "

- Sabine Bachner, Desert Mirage Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ.

" The presentation was very informative. I plan to implement STEM activities at my campus. "

- Commodore Bussey, East Grand Preparatory, Dallas, TX.

" I liked that the students got to experience learning about a real career choice that they may not have know about. And she talked about thinking about your future and how you may change your thoughts about your future so keep and open mind to all learning. "

- Janet Mehta, Desert Mirage Elementary, Glendale, AZ.

" Our school district has a long-standing relationship with Education Empowers Inc. They are generous, professional and offer a variety of STEM experiences for students and teachers training. Keep it up, you do wonderful things for our kiddos! "

- Colleen Howard, STEM Specialist, Mesa Public Schools, Mesa, AZ.

" Virtual Coding was easy to login and the presenters were awesome. Thank you for an awesome event. "

- Cynthia Williams, Trailside Point, Laveen, AZ.

" The kids really enjoyed getting to hear about the STEM journey and seeing the coding in action. "

- Julie Slaughter, Guerrero Elementary, Mesa, AZ.

" Girls in engineering is such an important topic. Please continue to highlight stories like the one of the presenter in our session who is working for Intel. "

- Sabine Bachner, Desert Mirage Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ.

" I liked that the students got to see how easy VEX robotics coding is. I was a first- year coach last year and they were all afraid and avoided the autonomous parts. "

- Janet Mehta, Desert Mirage Elementary, Glendale, AZ.